Brandinc maximizes the brand identity of our clients through the strategic use of high-quality branded merchandise and memorable brand experiences.  We are a global, award-winning, design-led brand management consultancy, with offices around the world in London, Sydney, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Singapore and Toronto, and sales offices throughout the United States - Rochester MN, Calabasas CA, San Leandro CA, San Juan Capistrano CA and Los Angeles CA.  We are pioneers and proven leaders in designing and executing innovative merchandise programs in retail and B2B arenas.  Since 1998, we've been producing retail quality custom branded merchandise to help build brands and customer loyalty across a wide range of industries. From fast-moving consumer goods, home entertainment, travel and hospitality, sport to financial services, leisure, media and sponsorship.
Brandinc US Corporate Office
Brandinc US, Inc.
12304 Santa Monica Blvd.
Suite # 303
Los Angeles, CA 90025