Personal information
You can visit Brandinc on the Internet without telling us who you are and without giving any personal information about yourself. There are times, however, when we or our partners may need information from you. You may choose to give us personal information in a variety of situations. For example, you may want to give us information, such as your name and address or e-mail to correspond with you, to process an order, or to provide you with a subscription. You may give us your credit card details to buy something from us or a description of your education and work experience in connection with a job opening at Brandinc that you wish to be considered. We intend to let you know how we will use such information before we collect it from you; if you tell us that you do not want us to use this information to make further contact with you beyond fulfilling your requests, we will respect your wishes. If you give us personal information about somebody else, such as a spouse or work colleague, we will assume that you have their permission to do so. 

Using and Sharing Personal Information 
The following paragraphs describe in more detail how Brandinc may use your personal information and with whom we may share it. Depending on the type of Brandinc website you are visiting, one or more of the paragraphs may apply. For example, if you order a product from a Brandinc website, your information will be handled as described in such paragraphs as ‘Fulfilling Your Transaction Request’ and ‘Marketing Use.’

Fulfilling your transaction request 
If you request something from a Brandinc US website, for example, a product or service, a callback, or specific marketing materials, we will use the information you provide to fulfill your request. To help us do this, we may share information, with others, for instance, other parts of Brandinc US. Brandinc US business partners, financial institutions, shipping companies, postal or government authorities (for example, customs authorities) involved in fulfillment. In connection with a transaction we may also contact you as part of our customer satisfaction surveys or for market research purposes. 

Marketing Use 
The information you provide to Brandinc on certain Brandinc websites may also be used by Brandinc and selected third parties for marketing purposes. Before we use it, however, we will offer you the opportunity to choose whether to have your information used in this way. 

Information for Business Partners 
If you represent a Brandinc Business Partner, you may visit a Brandinc website intended specifically for Brandinc Business Partners. We may use information provided on that site to administer and develop our business relationship with you, the Business Partner you represent, and Brandinc Business Partners generally. For instance, this may involve using your information to send you details of Brandinc Business Partner programs or it may also include sharing certain information with other Business Partners (subject to any confidentiality obligations), or Brandinc customers or prospects. In connection with a transaction or program, we may also contact you as part of customer satisfaction surveys or for market research purposes. 

Brandinc Supplier Administration 
If you represent a Brandinc supplier, you may visit a Brandinc website intended specifically for use by Brandinc suppliers. We may use the information provided on that site in connection with entering into or performing a transaction with you. For example, this may include sharing information with other parts of Brandinc, Brandinc Business Partners, customers, shipping companies, financial institutions, postal or government authorities involved in fulfillment. It may also be used to administer and develop our relationship with you, the supplier you represent and/or other Brandinc suppliers generally. 

Other Brandinc Website Notices 
In some cases, specific Brandinc websites may contain other notices about their use and the information practices applicable to those sites. 

Our Worldwide Practices 
Brandinc is a global organization, with legal entities, business processes, management structures, and technical systems that cross borders. Our privacy practices are designed to provide protection for your personal information, all over the world. We may share your personal information within Brandinc and transfer it to countries in the world where we do business. Some countries may provide less legal protection for your information. In such countries Brandinc will still handle information in the manner we describe here. 

Information Security and Quality 
We intend to protect your personal information and to maintain its quality. We implement appropriate measures and processes, such as using encryption when transmitting certain sensitive information, to allow us to keep your information secure and to maintain its quality. 

Supplementing Information 
From time to time we may supplement information you give us via a Brandinc website with information from other sources, such as information validating your address or other available information about businesses. This is to help us maintain the accuracy of the information we collect and to help us provide a better service. 

Use of Suppliers 
In some cases Brandinc uses suppliers to collect, use, analyze and otherwise process information on its behalf. It is Brandinc’s practice to require such suppliers to handle information in a manner consistent with Brandinc’s policies. 

Cookies, Web Beacons and Other Technologies 
We sometimes collect non-identifiable information from visits to our websites to help us provide better customer service. For example, we keep track of the domains from which people visit, and we also measure visitor activity on Brandinc websites, but we do so in ways that keep the information non-identifiable. This information is sometimes known as "clickstream data." Brandinc or others on our behalf may use this data to analyze trends and statistics and to help us provide better customer service.
Also, when we collect personal data from you in a transaction, we may extract some information about that transaction in a non- identifiable format and combine it with other non-identifiable information such as clickstream data. This information is used and analyzed only at an aggregate level to help us understand trends and patterns. This information is not reviewed at an individual level. If you do not want your transaction details used in this manner you can disable your cookies.  We collect the information we mentioned in the previous paragraphs using various technologies, including one called "cookies". A cookie is a piece of data that a Website can send to your browser, which may then be stored on your computer as an anonymous tag that identifies your computer but not you. Some Brandinc pages use cookies, sent by Brandinc or its third-party vendors, or other technologies to better serve you when you return to a website. You can set your browser to notify you before you receive a cookie, giving you the chance to decide whether to accept it. You can also set your browser to turn off cookies. If you do so, however, some websites may not work properly.
Some Brandinc websites also use web beacons or other technologies to better tailor those sites to provide better customer service. These technologies may be in use on several pages across Brandinc’s websites. When a visitor accesses these pages, a non-identifiable notice of that visit is generated which may be processed by us or by our suppliers. These web beacons usually work in conjunction with cookies. If you don't want your cookie information to be associated with your visits to these pages, you can set your browser to turn off cookies. If you turn off cookies, web beacon and other technologies will still detect visits to these pages, but the notices they generate cannot be associated with another non-identifiable cookie information and are disregarded. 

Service Quality Monitoring 
Certain web transactions may also involve you calling us or calling you. Please be aware that it is Brandinc’s general practice to monitor and in some cases record such calls for staff training or quality assurance purposes. 

Personalized URL Link 
On occasion, we may personalize and customize websites for certain visitors. If you visit one of these sites, you may find it customized with references to products and/or services that we believe may be of interest to you, based on your previous interactions with Brandinc and information you have provided to us. While you are visiting these websites, we may collect information about your visit to better tailor the site to your interests. An invitation to visit one of these websites is usually presented as a personalized URL in an e-mail, a notice on a website registration page, or as a response to you logging on to a certain website.
If you choose to visit one of these websites, you are agreeing to let Brandinc collect information about your visits and also to its association with other information about you and your relationship with Brandinc. If you do not wish your information to be used in this way, do not accept the invitation to visit these sites. 

Disclosures Required by Law 
Please be aware that in certain circumstances, it is possible that personal information may be subject to disclosure pursuant to judicial or other government subpoenas, warrants, or orders. 

Privacy Technology 
Technology will increasingly help give you more control over your personal information. It will also help organizations to manage their privacy practices and policies. As an information technology provider, Brandinc actively supports the development of privacy technologies to help achieve these goals and to help create greater trust and confidence in the way personal information is handled. 

Links to non-Brandinc US Websites 
Brandinc websites may contain links to other websites. Brandinc is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of those other websites. 

Notification of Changes 
This privacy statement was last updated on June 15, 2014. A notice will be posted on our website home page for 30 days whenever this privacy statement is changed in a material way. 

Privacy Questions and Access 
If you have a question about this statement, you can send an email to the Brandinc website manager. The address for this is . You can also contact us at this address if you have a question about Brandinc’s handling of your information. If you wish to obtain a copy of particular information you provided to Brandinc, or if you become aware the information is incorrect and you would like us to correct it contact us at 
Before Brandinc is able to provide you with any information or correct any inaccuracies, however, we may ask you to verify your identity and to provide other details to help us to respond to your request. We will endeavor to respond within an appropriate timeframe. Please use the Back button on your browser or close this window to return to the page where you were.